Inhale, belly rise. Exhale, belly fall.
I felt my lungs swell with fresh salt-water air, expanding in my chest, as my belly jutted out. The sounds of waves crashing kept me grounded in the moment. 

The setting sun bathed me in its intense rays as my thighs ached, begging for a release from the seated position, the sand shifting every time I moved an inch. 
I found myself on yet another adventure last week, this one on the tiny island of Gili Air. The serene atmosphere, completely devoid of any sounds of cars or motors, makes for an excellent oasis. It truly is an escape from reality. 
I was fortunate enough to be practicing yoga and meditation twice a day, as well as opening my mind up to the world of mindfulness. To a world of raw emotion, intense feelings. Being truly present in each passing moment. It truly is a challenge, yet can always be directed back with your breath.

Inhale, belly rise. Exhale, belly fall.
The week was perfect. I bonded well with my fellow retreat-mates, an eclectic mix: Brazilian, Norwegian, myself, Australian, a kiwi, and three Koreans. 
My yoga instructors took special time, helping me to release some strong emotions from deep down in every fiber of my being with the use of yin yoga. I got a private session to focus on balancing and releasing tension in my neck and shoulders.
I got reflexology massages, ear candling, and ate a strictly vegan diet. I spent 36 hours in silence. To say this experience was eye-opening is a vast understatement.
Inhale, belly rise. Exhale, belly fall.
I was taught that your body tells a story. Every ache and pain, bruise and ailment, is a direct line of communication. It’s your body’s way of telling you when something has gone awry.

Inhale, belly rise. Exhale, belly fall.

So, I spent the week just listening. Observing. Healing. Letting go. Letting silence and solitude envelop me, consume me. I explored the nooks and crannies of my mind, poking and prodding until I found a new soft spot to explore.
And, I learned that bodies are strong. Adaptable. Remarkable. Forgiving. They are the vehicle that transports our souls as we navigate this world. They look good and feel good only when we treat them well. They react poorly when we treat them that way. We have an incredible power and light within ourselves to heal, as well as answer any questions we might be mulling over. 
All of the answers lie within us. I, like many others, seek distractions as a way to avoid myself. Food. Traveling. Socializing. Working. Anything I can get my hands on.

But, our bodies don’t do well being ignored. If anything, it makes them scream louder. 

The week of yoga was life-changing in so many ways. Gili Air was a beautiful backdrop on my road to self-healing and self-love. 

Inhale, belly rise. Exhale, belly fall.


2 thoughts on “Mindfulness

  1. What a great post coming from one who has conquered many unimaginable challenges! This yoga experience may be at the top of the list for what is yet to come. Love You….Gram S

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